Monday, October 4, 2010

A New Semester

Alright, so it's a new semester. I have a test today. Live is good.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Last Night


Arizona has been a busy time. I've spent my time deeply involved in the promotion of the creative idea of Walter, but tomorrow we leave to China!

This blog will lay dormant during that time, but Kristi and I will keep you posted on our Fuqing adventure page. make sure to follow us closely. The first post is up as of tonight!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, December 28, 2009

Travelling to Arizona

Well, we are getting settled in here in Arizona. The last week in Provo was crazy. Packing and moving can really drag you down during the Christmas season. I mean, we were pumped to get out of the dungeon, but the stress involved is killer.

The biggest success of the move was the retirement of Kristi's life size teddy bear, "Mister Hersey." I liked the good ole boy, but it was time to part ways. We looked at Kristi's graduation as a graduation from Mr. Hersey too.

The trip down to Arizona was pretty grueling too. Snow from the night before made the roads slick....We took a fun detour through a little town called Overton in Nevada. I actually got to see our tax dollars putting people to work too! The America Reinvestment and Recovery act has commissioned the repaving of some twenty five miles in a National Park (a.k.a. smack dab in the middle of no where). I think we saw about five cars in about a two hour strip of this scenic drive. Don't get me wrong, the new roads were beautiful. At some points there were islands for planting flowers and curbs that made it look like new subdivisions were going to spring up all over the place. I am so proud.

Well, Christmas was a amazing. We went to an assisted living community on Christmas Eve and sang. Extremely heart warming. On the 27th, Kristi and I celebrated our One year anniversary. Dad can't make fun of us anymore. We made it past the year mark! I am so happy to have Kristi as my wife. She is beautiful and caring. She is witty and intelligent. She makes me whole on so many levels. I look forward to a long life and beyond with her by my side. To all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Life in Transition

Well, I'm writing this on the eve of our one year anniversary. This first year has been a year in transition. Our nomadic lifestyle can be stressful, but to end the year we passed a huge mile stone in Kristi's life. She is a College Grad! I am so proud of this beautiful intelligent woman. She is kind and considerate to everyone; she's a diligent student and a patient wife. Unfortunately, BYU doesn't have a winter graduation ceremony, so Kristi didn't get the opportunity to walk across a stage and receive the credit and honor she deserves.

Luckily her family jumped in to fill the void and help us really digest this accomplishment. Kristi's dad put together a large dinner at Brick Oven with many of Kristi's extended family.

After the meal, Kristi's Dad and sister's slammed us with a surprise graduation ceremony just for Kristi! I recorded the speak they made her give on the spot, but the get up was the best.


Friday, December 11, 2009

New Blog and Website Alert

I know I'm making way too many blogs right now, but this one is going to be really important.

In the Diving Board you will see a link to my new China Blog. Kristi and I won't be leaving for a few months still, but I made it with my recent class project. Also, you ought to see what I've done with my class assignment to make a personal web page with sites about some of my interests. I've also made a site about Fuqing, so go learn a little about where we'll be living:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Google Wave

Well, I've been playing around with Google's newest creation. Wave is more than just a reinvention of email or instant messaging. Rather, it makes it possible to view a conversation as a document and a document as a conversation. Here is a video from some of the developers explaining some of wave's powerful functions:

It's still in preview form and so many of the features are still unstable, but I've included with his post a a video from a developer who loves Google wave. Listen to what she has to say: